The Global Investment Convention 2021-2023 is a series of International Virtual Conferences that aims to provide an ideal platform for investors and companies. Global Investment Convention has launched its next edition “GIC Startup Special Edition” on the 8th and 9th of February 2022 that aspires to create a world of opportunity for Entrepreneurs who are seeking for expansion roadmap. GIC facilitated total trade of $33.4 Billion in its previous editions.
Global investment convention focuses on funded startups with a business tenure of 0-7 years in the entrepreneurial journey. Government trade bodies will facilitate potential startups with ideal expansion destinations & captivating offerings of their respective regions.
Advantages for Startups in Global Business Summit:
  • Authenticate strategic approach to expansion roadmap
  • Get strategic consultation for business development & acquisition process
  • Explore operation gateways with new manufacturing plants
  • Learn the process to establish research & development centers in potential regions
  • Outsource your product & business in the international market
  • Interact with industry experts by participating in the global business conference
  • Develop business partnerships with ideal expansion destination
Government Trade Bodies are looking for potential startups to offer support with incentives, social security, special free zones, trade incentive, government subsidies. Government Trade Bodies will help potential startups with the suitable business ecosystem, ease of business operations, strategic consultation, insightful resources, and real facts & figures for a structured investment. The technologically advanced platform with multiple features will allow Entrepreneurs to have respective business discussions with investment bodies for expansion of their business/product in the international market.
Focus Sectors
  • Technology
  • healthcare
  • IT
    IT & ICT
  • IT
    Smart Cities
  • Advanced Manufacturing
    Advanced Manufacturing
  • Innovation
  • research
    Research and development
  • drone
    Drone Technology
  • Robotics & Automation
    Robotics & Automation
  • Biotech
investor Focus Countries