Global Investment Convention
Edition IV & BREXIT 2021

GIC IV : 07th & 08th Dec 2021

BREXIT : 09th & 10th Dec 2021

GIC Motive

Global Investment Convention is the most preferred and prestigious Virtual Platform for Investment and Growth. The Convention platform brings the policy makers, Government bodies, Trade bodies together, to support global business community for business growth. It features unique attribution of filling the gap of Investment know how in the International economic planning. In the current scenario, on the outset of Coronavirus Crisis which results in frequent and dynamic changes in trade and investment policies, the convention priorities on addressing both, the risk management and creating a window for global expansion opportunities. With present ‘new normal’ situation, GIC aims to create an ideal WIN-WIN factor for both the business community and government policy makers for Investment and Development. Post pandemic, every business community and economy aim to stabilise and gradually grow Adoption of ‘New Normal’ has become an inevitable factor. GIC aim to capitalize on making the current scenario more favourable for sustainable growth by introducing a unique blend of technology, knowledge, experience and expertise.
Global Investment Convention idealize on deriving concrete returns to both the Host Country and Investment promotion agencies participating. in each Edition of GIC in the form of long term sustainable economic development.

Global Investment Convention is highly been appreciated by participating Investment promotion agencies and Investment business community for its unique features like :

  • Live Conference with targeted companies and their specific Interest in participation
  • Pre - Qualified B2B meetings between companies and Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Real time Exhibitors dashboard to track the participating companies’ movement and for live interaction
  • Advance features in Exhibition ground; real time location identification of visitor / participating companies, live audio - video call, live chat, video presentations, request for meeting schedule, downloads etc.
Benefits for Business Community
  • ‘SPECIAL PRIVILEDGES’ announced by the Government Officials only during Global Investment Convention.
  • Special Incentive Declarations like Cash Incentives, Work Permits, Land Acquisition concessions, Social security, SEZ Benefits (Special Economic Zone), Trade Incentives, Relaxation of documentation and other legal formalities etc.
  • Pre- Scheduled Qualified B2B Meetings.
  • An Opportunity for gaining free Business Expansion Consultation.
  • Networking session with Companies and Investment Promotion Agencies.
  • Decision making facts and figures that will help the organisations to take the best suited alternatives for them.
  • Special Knowledge gaining sessions on Trade Potentials and Expansion Strategy.
  • Live interactions with Government Official through Virtual Booths.
  • A high end Virtual interactive exhibition and Conferences.
  • A real time experience of communication with Government authorities and other participating companies.
  • Opportunity to enjoy recreational yet informative activities on virtual platform.
Success of GIC Past Editions
Pre-Registered Investors
Total Event Attendees
Pre-Scheduled Meetings
Live Meetings

Benefits for Investment Agencies

  • Pre-qualified Investment Meetings.
  • Pre-During Post Meeting Support.
  • Post Meeting nurturing.
  • Speakers slot for Presentation and Question Answers.
  • Social Media Visibility and promotion.
  • Brand Building.
  • Investment Lead Signals.
  • List of Participating companies in each GIC Edition.
  • Virtual Exhibition Interactive Booth.
  • Real time communication with the participating companies during GIC.
Ms. Jenny Hällen Hedberg Head of International Business Development Luxinnovation, Luxembourg
Mr. Thorsten Terweiden International Office for Economic Development/City Administration of Magdeburg
Ms. Caitlin Champion Economic Development Manager Invest in Toulouse
Ms. Elisabet & Ms. Riina International affairs and relocation services Seinäjoki, Finland
Mr. Peter Eisenschmidt Senior Director International Affairs-hannoverimpuls GmbH Germany

"We took part in GIC organised by Crescendo Worldwide and we were very happy and it was very well organised by Crescendo Worldwide and got a lot of help from team even after the event and we look forward to work with such more initiatives."

Ms. Jenny Hällen Hedberg

Head of International Business Development Luxembourg Trade & Investment

“I would like to congratulate Crescendo Worldwide & Global Investment Convention Team for first edition of GIC. Top Marks really for user experience and we benefitted in various ways. We can recommend for participation in Crescendo’s Initiatives for qualified, precise work.”

Mr. Thorsten Terweiden

Head of International Office for Economic Development, City of Magdeburg, Germany

"We were delighted to be a part of GIC first edition where we met target industries with ease and we look forward for participating in upcoming editions as well."

Ms. Caitlin Champion

Economic Development Manager-Invest in Toulouse, france

Virtual 360-degree GIC Platform

Global Investment Convention has constructed the virtual platform with the most advance technology driven 360 – degree VR enabled business platform. The attendees in the Convention can walk through the booth with a feel of real time experience walking in the exhibition centre.

It has advanced Interaction features like Live Video call, Chat, downloads, Video presentation, real time locator identification of the exhibition attendees, Exhibition Tour etc.

These tours can feature navigation menus and pop-ups containing text, images, video and graphics, with custom or off-the-shelf designs, sometimes using the whole browser window, sometimes appearing as an element in a web page (e.g. a blog post). They can also contain sound and moving elements.

Virtual Exhibition Features

  • High End Interactive Real Time Dashboard Access.
  • AI Enabled Matchmaking and Interaction.
  • Live Communication with Investors.
  • Provision of Live/Pre-recorded Conference Speaker Sessions.
  • Virtual 360 Walkaround Environment.
  • Live email Sending Options Available.
  • Digital Meeting Rooms Available for Live Meetings.
  • Brand Promotion on Exterior Platform of Virtual Exhibition City.
  • Video Promotion Provision.
  • Corporate Video (max 2 mins) Displayed at Regular Intervals on a Video.
  • Wall at the Lobby.
  • Exclusive Digital Hoarding at the Entry in Outdoor Area.
  • Branding in the Outer Area of the Conference Screen.
FAQs About GIC Editions

The GIC Editions will be focusing on Food ,Agriculture, Mining, Wood & Forestry ,Oil & Gas, Textile, Manufacturing, Life Science, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Processing, IT, BPO, Fintech, Textile, FMCG, Hospitality, Retail, Chemical, Travel & Tourism, Media & Entertainment,

The Russia, Cyprus, South Africa, Israel, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Morocco, Libya, Ghana, Tunisia. are the investor focus countries in GIC Editions .

The event will take place on the 7th to 10th of Dec, 2021 right here on our official website.

Fill out our ( Registration Form ) to become a partner agency. For more information drop in a mail to: and we will get in touch with you.

Fill out our ( Registration Form ) to become a partner agency. For more information drop in a mail to: and we will get in touch with you.

About Organizer

Crescendo Worldwide is a global organisation promoting International trade and Investments with a presence in 50+ countries. We have got a decade of experience in organising and utilising trade fairs for networking of global industry and business promotion. Our global footprints networked through the digital platform enable us to reach over a million people across the globe. Along with this, Crescendo has organised 7 virtual exhibitions in 2021 for various industrial sectors like automotive, railways, pharma, defence, etc.

About Company
There are more editions of the GIC planned which will take place through 2021 and 2022

Every edition of the GIC will cover different target sectors and different FDI target regions. The objective of the GIC Series is to cover the world’s best investment destinations and growth-oriented sectors.

Edition IV

7th & 8th Dec., 2021

GIC Brexit

9th & 10th Dec., 2021

Edition V

9th & 10th March, 2022